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I had my third child ten months ago, and a few months later I noticed a new dark spot on my groin area. About two inches below my pubic hair line is a light brown area probably a little less than the size of the tip of a pencil eraser. (maybe 3mm?) I ignored it for a while but every time I shaved I would notice it changing. It would develop a dark brown spot on the left or right then a few weeks later the spot would disappear only to come back on a different part of the mole. It feels scaly when I touch it. Today I noticed that the mole had a new dark spot on it again in the middle of it so I lightly scratched it to see if it would come off. (a part of it did come off months before when I scratched it) Well the dark spot stayed but all of a sudden the right part of it started bleeding a lot. I mean it just opened like I had cut it with a knife! I didn't scratch that hard either. Sorry this is so long I was just wondering if anyone could tell me if I should see a dermatologist about this? Is this normal or does this sound like it could be cancer? Thanks for reading,

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