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Toenail melanoma
Mar 29, 2013
I have become concerned about a small (about 3mm) bruiselike lesion beneath the nail of my great toe. It is perpendicular to the outer edge of the nail at approx. 9 o' clock. I am not certin as to how long it has been there, but it may be almost 2 months. I don't recall any actual trauma, but I am a runner and wonder if that could be the source of the bruise, (if that is what it is). I have read medical descriptions of what these melanomas present as and have viewed images over the internet. I believe most of the descriptions have been more about what I think to be classic and advanced cases and does not cover any of the other early presentations of this disease. I intend to see a dematologist and prior to this message, I carefully punctured my antiseptically treated nail three times with a #16 gauge hypodermic needle to see if blood would issue from beneath the nail, as I know this to be common with most bruises that are in the nailbed. No blood spewed from my self inflicted wounds, but now, at least I have marks upon the nail which will help me to see if this lesion travels with the marks as the nail grows. Since I seek all of the information that I can, I would appreciate anyone's obsevations expert, or based upon personal experience. If anyone has grown tired of reading this by now. Thanks to all.

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