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I have quite a lot of moles on my body, about 15. A few years ago, I spotted 2 medium size moles at my private area and thought nothing of it. Recently, I noticed that they have become much bigger, about 4 times its original size. In addition, I spotted 3 new moles, all along that area. The moles are all black and rather big in size. But I'm afraid to see a doctor because

1. one mole is located at my inner labia while the other 4 moles are located right beside my anus. It's extremely embarrassing to spread your legs and have someone pull your buttcheeks and labia apart to examine.

2. I don't have insurance. What if it's really melanoma? About how much will I have to spend on treatment? I'm still a student and my family isn't well off.

3. I don't know if biopsies would hurt a lot, especially at such a sensitive area

I don't even know whether I should see a dermatologist or gynaecologist. Would a dermatologist refuse to see that area?

I'm really depressed and worried. What should I do?

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