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Changing mole
Sep 7, 2014
I am 28 years old and have a mole on my temple for as long as I can remember. Last week I woke up one day and noticed that it had raised 2-3 times as high as it had been, was red, tender, and itchy. It was also hard and rough to the touch.

I have been to a doctor already and was put on antibiotics. He said it was firm and stuck a needle in it to see if there was any pus or anything. It hadn't been scratched or irritated at all so I don't know how it would have gotten infected. It didn't have any pus or anything.

He told me if it wasn't 100% normal in a week to come back. He made a comment at one point saying it will have to come off but was just sort of muttering to himself so I still feel very unclued in. I'm also going to see a second opinion in a few days. So far it's been 3 days with no change at all.

My grandmother has had melanoma twice so I didn't want to just ignore the possibility. I'm seeing doctors and not looking for a full on definitive answer here but would appreciate any thoughts, knowledge, or insights.

Thank you!

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