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... What's having a mole removed like? ... (8 replies)
Mole removed
Mar 18, 2008
... Calm down, sweetie! I don't blame him for getting put out with you. You have no need to get yourself so wound up over something that is akin to getting a hangnail removed. Seriously. ... (8 replies)
... our derm. will tell you whether or not it is suspicious and if so, they will remove it. Even if the derm. says that it is fine, you can still request that it be removed for cosmetic reasons, etc. My derm. biopsies every mole that he removes. And mole removal is such an easy and fairly painless process.... ... (8 replies)

... I am so sorry to hear about your father. What a devastating situation to contend with! My own father passed away due to complications of prostate cancer in November 1991, and I know how tough it can be. ... (2 replies)
... m getting a mole removed tomorrow from my shoulder on suspicion of it being melanoma. ... (2 replies)
... I have big flat moles on my upper back. They leave big scars when removed. The derm only removed one of them, because he almost refuses to do it for cosmetic reasons only. I still prefer scars to moles. ... (8 replies)
... Yes, you should be able to have it removed completely and then they will biopsy it. I had one removed on my ribs area by my regular dr. It was a big one and now you can't even tell it was there. I'm going to have another removed by a plastic surgeon soon! ... (8 replies)
... i don't have the answer but I am interested to know ppls opinons. I have several I am contemplating having removed but have not gone in to discuss this with a dr as of yet. Iam 40 though and mine have been there all my life. Just that they are big and are ones that you have to watch. ... (8 replies)
... my ob doctor removed one on my back for me. easy and quick. he sent it in and it was fine. ... (8 replies)
... A good qualified SMART dermatologist will remove and BIOPSY anything you or he feels shouldn't be there. My daughter had 5 moles removed little over 2 weeks ago. 4 came back abnormal and 1 just irritated. Since I had melanoma, the derm felt she needed them gone. ... (8 replies)
... That's what I'm saying! :) It makes more sense to me to remove them before they become a problem, instead of after when you already have cancer (8 replies)
Mole On Back
Mar 29, 2006
... yes, it stings just a bit, but you don't feel a thing as the mole is removed...nothing. ... (4 replies)
... Next time I go down I will ask her about getting the mole removed. ... (9 replies)
... What is it like getting a mole removed? ... (5 replies)
... My husband had a mole on his back when we first met. It was rectangular, with irregular borders and about the size of the head of a pencil eraser....all the things they tell you to look for. And it was mottled black and dark brown. ... (4 replies)
... I have a "beauty mark" on my right side like Madonna had. It has lightened quite a bit over the years and I am kind of interested in getting it removed but concerned about getting a scar on my face. Has anyone ever had a mole removed from their face? ... (5 replies)
... ve been terrified of cancer in general, and melanoma currently. I suppose I do sound a bit hysterical. ... (9 replies)
... Hi, I just have some questions.. I ma 20 and my internist I seen yesterday for cardiac problems is concerned about a mole on my back iand is removing that in 4 weeks when I see her. It doesnt bother me but she is concrned about it so is goin to remove it. ... (4 replies)
... My derm numbed the area with cold (nitrogen?), Then he pulled out this little scalpel and scraped the thing off. Nothing to it. Have him/her cauterize it to avoid bleeding afterwards. Best wishes with the biopsy (8 replies)
... I had a melanoma removed 2 years ago, and have done quite a bit of "learning up" on melanoma in the time since then. Mine developed all on its very own, it was not a previous mole that changed, just to be clear. ... (1 replies)

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