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... does skin melanoma get itchy and spread? ... (2 replies)
... I am 23 years old and female. I have somewhat of a raised spot on the front of my thigh that I noticed a few months ago. My skin gets very dry and flakey in the winter, and I get very itchy. This spot started out as a nagging itch. ... (3 replies)
... dyplastic nevus since birth that is around 1" diameter at its smallest point. It's vaguely ovular in shape, but definitely asymmetrical. lighter around the edges and darker in the middle. It's flat, but kind of "pebbly" feeling. ... (2 replies)

... Several years ago, my dad burned his wrist on the muffler of his car. It healed fine and he did not seek medical treatment. It left a scar that was dark in pigment about the size of a nickel. ... (1 replies)
Nodular melanoma
Oct 2, 2008
... August I noticed a new growth it was a red pimple sized growth symmetrical slightly raised and about half the diameter of a pencil eraser on my upper arm . This growth did not disappear or resolve, it did itch and the area around it seemed slightly tender. ... (2 replies)
... mine didn't. And from what I've been able to figure out, it seems melanoma becomes itchy in later stages. That is totally unscientific and unmedical, however! ... (2 replies)
... I dont know about "spread" but mine was always itching.. and it is a symptom.... ... (2 replies)
... i would get it checked out just to be safe i had what i thought was a wart on the back of my calf that was only itchy sometimes it very rarely bled when i finallt got it checked it was a malignant melanome i had 2 inches took off and a skin graft so my advice is get it checked out (3 replies)
... irish. I know I have been careless, but I have rarely ever worn sunscreen. I rarely ever burn! I have never worried about moles and there is no history of skin cancer that I know of in my family. ... (0 replies)
... I'm glad to hear you came through the procedures with seemingly flying colors! It is a weird sensation to have the skin so tight, isn't? ... (5 replies)
... We got a letter on Saturday saying my husbands mole has been tested and is innocent!!!!! We still have the appointment to go in on Thursday however but I called them today and they said it was just to check it had healed okay. ... (11 replies)
... I know exactly what you mean. I have on on my genitlas as well, and never wanted to show my doctor but remember it is worth it. They are doctors, that is what they do. ... (3 replies)
... has a white patch on her arm and has had it for as long as i can remember! i'm so dumb. don't know why i didn't think of that sooner. ... (11 replies)
A Strange Mole
Dec 8, 2005
... Melanoma is sneaky and some women actually get it in their vaginal area. Men in their genitals. Melanoma isn't just from the sun. If you have a mole that is different colors and is Odd feeling like you are talking and itchy. You need to get to a Dermatologist. ... (11 replies)
... The bigger one is not itchy at all, I don't feel it there but its skin is somewhat dry and hard. ... (0 replies)
... I have about 20 or so moles and have had them all my life pretty much. They are round. No uneven color. No itchy. No scaley. No dryness. No sore. ... (5 replies)
... that got a tiny raised portion in the middle. The skin over all of it peeled once or twice. I wondered about it, but chalked it up to dry skin. After all, it still looked totally normal. ... (3 replies)
... can itch. Maybe it's located on a spot on your body that gets frequent irritation from your clothes. Melanoma, although on the rise, is still the rarest form of skin cancer. So try to keep that in mind. ... (4 replies)
... Hi and welcome! ... (6 replies)
Itchy mole
Dec 20, 2010
... months, it bled for the first time last week and it has then changed color and it's itchy. ... (8 replies)

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