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... With a melanoma diagnosis, there are 2 staging procedures. I've no idea why the medical community keeps both, as it causes more confusion. ... (38 replies)
... though this can be misleading if one is using millimeter reading, as even superficial spreading melanoma can become thick quickly if left untreated. ... (38 replies)
... I can understand the need to question if those of us who have caught melanoma early the need for continuous followup by doctors and dermatologists. What is the need? ... (38 replies)

... I was diagnosed with melanoma in 2007. I noticed what I thought was a mole growing on my left in November 2006. ... (38 replies)
... tand you have a lot of moles. My derm said statistics show that if you've had melanoma, you probably have 3 to 4 precancerous moles. Not that they will turn into melanoma but I personally want to eliminate the chance by always getting checkups and biopsies done. ... (38 replies)
... My brother's melanoma was a mole he had all of his life that had that look....dark and irregular. Luckily all caught early. My brother is now in his 3rd year post melanoma. ... (38 replies)
... Hi Rockford2! I agree both Chele and Oleander have been a great help to me since I was just diagnosed with Malignant Melonoma...I'm sorry you have melanoma and you are a newbee just like me...and I am sensing a little anger about this situation...and I am as well... ... (38 replies)
... age you do have some time to search out the doctor of your choice. I wished I'd have known that when I was first diagnosed. I wouldn't wait overly long, however. Melanoma can be aggressive and fast growing, so I would definitely get to a doctor within a month. The earlier you catch this beast, the better off you are. ... (38 replies)
... I had stage II melanoma 24 years ago and am doing fine. Yes, I have heard of it coming back after 16 years but hey, no one has tomorrow as a certainty so get out there and live! ... (38 replies)
... I'm stage II melanoma as well... ... (38 replies)
... So melanoma can come back but not as a mole? ... (38 replies)
... I was diagnosed with melanoma 1.1mm thickness back in September 08. I was pretty scared once finding out but realized that even though it was past the 1. ... (38 replies)
... Rockford, Chele, and everyone, I am an Irish girl not forget there are many ways to get skin cancers....Mine is where the sun don't shine!! You must go and be checked. Even with seeing my Oncologist Gyne on 3/4 my Dermatologist says I must come in every 3 months for a head to toe skin check up from him since I have 2 blood relatives with melanoma. I know my... (38 replies)
... Both Chele and Oleander were such great help to me when my melanoma was first discovered on Dec 26th of 2008, Merry Christmas to me! ... (38 replies)
... I would think that there is time for you to see a doctor that you want to see, but ideally they should have melanoma experience. With your breslow, you are typically looking at an excision and regular skin checks. ... (38 replies)
... Just found out I have Melanoma LVL 4. Not sure what all this means and I am starting to research it. The Breslow depth was approx. 6.5mm which I am told is deep. ... (1 replies)
... Congratulations on giving up the tanning bed and the sunbathing! I know it's tough to make lifestyle changes, but it's important to understand that sometimes it's "baby steps." It's also understanding that, having had a melanoma, exposure to the sun's UV rays (including a tanning bed) can and may shorten your life. As far as enjoying the great outdoors - or even the beach... (38 replies)
... Hi most of you are aware, I was diagnosed with stage II Nodular Melanoma in February 2009. This was my first summer without sunbathing. I love the sun and the outdoors and it was a very sad summer for me. I did not sunbath... ... (38 replies)
... while you are living or live while you are dying and we ALL are dying!..." I agree with you. My surgeon called me on Friday and told me that they got all of the Melanoma and that it was the subtype Nodular...Can anyone fill me in on this subtype? ... (38 replies)
... (38 replies)

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