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... tand you have a lot of moles. My derm said statistics show that if you've had melanoma, you probably have 3 to 4 precancerous moles. Not that they will turn into melanoma but I personally want to eliminate the chance by always getting checkups and biopsies done. ... (38 replies)
... don't understand this disease... doctors included! Ladypepper, I hope you don't think I was trying to rain on your parade... you're absolutely right, sometimes melanoma doesn't come back. I hope happens that way for you! ... (11 replies)
Dad - Melanoma
Nov 15, 2010
... Noone has told us yet how long Dad might have or the probablity of reaching one year or two years or five years.... We have read and read as much as we can but melanoma stories are grim. ... (114 replies)

... I can understand the need to question if those of us who have caught melanoma early the need for continuous followup by doctors and dermatologists. What is the need? ... (38 replies)
... I was diagnosed with melanoma in 2007. I noticed what I thought was a mole growing on my left in November 2006. ... (38 replies)
... hi, i was diganosed with melanoma in 2003, it started as a mole in my left calf and had also travelled to the groin, i had interferon. ... (6 replies)
... It was so tough watching such a strong man waste away to skin and bones in such a short time! Then about 3 yrs ago I had a melanoma removed from my shoulder, it was very early and they got they got all the margins but I still fear of dying in the way that my dad did. ... (6 replies)
... Hi Everyone, Nice to see that is is begnin. I find that after melanoma diagnosis we worry about everything. I went for my normal gynaecological check up and what is supposed to be routine was really scary. I thought, what now? ... (8 replies)
... She also had melanoma on her foot and believe me in was never exposed as in Belgium you wear closed shoes most of the year. A south African melanoma survivor told me not to listen to all stories as we never have all facts and it can put you down. Hope you will enjoy scuba and hiking very soon. ... (11 replies)
Jun 1, 2016
... but I have read a few stories where Melanoma hits the lymph nodes and causes this sort of pain. It is on the right side, as is this mole. ... (1 replies)
... I love these boards. I personally have been here off and on for thyroid problems. This time it's not me. My husband is LatinAmerican and has had a spot on his heel for a while. Last month he told me it turned from brown to black and I said "whatever". But today he showed me that not only was that spot black, but there were other spots on the sole of his feet. I went to... (4 replies)
... has anyone here had melanoma of the nailbed.. ... (0 replies)
Dad - Melanoma
Nov 6, 2010
... ays this nagging suspicion that there is something happening out there somewhere in research or trials that might help Dad. I spend hours pouring over irrelevant stories of people in very different situations, trying to find something. It is wasted time that I could be doing something more positive with... with Dad! ... (114 replies)
... These responses have helped me too. I have read soooo many stories where people had melanoma but had none of the classic symptoms. I recently developed a large amount of new moles all over my body in a short period of time. ... (5 replies)
... Thank YOU! and yes DO get checked.. people just dont realize it.. I have so many moles also (Iwas one) who used tanning beds.. I like it so much I bought one... Foolish me... BUT for awhile even looking down at my moles on my arms made me sick.. it is getting better.. I think the fear of (what if it crops up in my brain or lungs later) now I need to let this go and know God is... (7 replies)
... I have LOTS of moles, so I'm really thinking I need to get them checked. I just hate the thoughts of it, but I know it's necessary. Please don't think having a melanoma is a death sentence, because it's definitely not. ... (7 replies)
... Awaiting biopsy results, trying not to go crazy. Probably shouldn't be on the Internet. ;) I've had these spreading brown spots, about 1cm diameter on my lower belly. Several months ago, a crusty little tower rose up out of one of them, which itched and bled. I went to my dr, and he set up referral to derm. But then the crusty little tower turned into a smooth brown... (5 replies)
... I am 40 years old and the mother of 4 girls. I have a large mole on my left groin - right where your underwear rubs. I have had this mole as long as I can remember, but just recently noticed it has changed in color from dark brown to very dark brown, and it has portions that are raised. What really concerns me is that it has been tingling - this is what caused me to notice... (11 replies)
... I do have a copy of my pathology report from when I had to take it to Pittsburgh with me. Is there something specific I should look for in it? Thanks for the great advice and sharing your stories. I am trying to keep a clear head while waiting. Sweetheart please keep us posted about your husband. Sending good vibes to you. Chele that is wonderful you are NED, I wish you... (4 replies)
... and I am currently 52. My melanoma was .7mm, and I don't recall exactly what my mitotic rate was, but it was above 1 and below 2. I was diagnosed on February 21, and had a WLE at the end of March. ... (3 replies)

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