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Call from clinic
Aug 25, 2007
... d about 2 weeks ago. It was a small mole on my back which the doctor wanted to remove. I was away yesterday and when I got back to the house this morning i had a message on the machine that the doctor wanted to review the results for my biopsy and that I can phone in and shedule an appointment. ... (4 replies)
... Well I called the anwering service this morning and they said they would pass my message on and I stressed the fact that I would like a call back, whether the results were in or not. ... (12 replies)
... I am sorry I was reading this message and i don't even know how I copied Lizsmom message again! Lizsmom, How are you now? ... (8 replies)

Sep 20, 2007
... e a girl who just died of melanoma. she was all over the news. she did only 20 sessions in her teen years and just died at 26. it was very very sad. she sent the message out about solariums and now the government has stepped in. its been a real wake up call for me. ... (3 replies)
Merkel Cell Cancer
Nov 16, 2004
... I wish I was more familiar with this site, I have a hard time getting from message to message and this cancer is so rare and I have a million questions and so does my husband... we just don't know what's going to happen.... ... (28 replies)
Feel like an idiot
Oct 20, 2003
... Lidia, I know exactly what you are talking about. There is that message, but also under another search there is the message I gave you (with all of the questions, you just have to add in frequently asked questions after Alpha Omega to get to the least that is how I am able to access it. I also found testimonials from someone who orders Cansema from the (13 replies)
... Okay, about a month ago, i went into a tanning salon, and went in for my first tan. The bed wasn't a super-powerful one, and I was only in there for ten minutes. I went again about 2 weeks later. Both times i didnt burn, only got a bit darker. These two were the first and only two times Ive ever been tanning. I just went on vacation, and i spent ALOT of time in the sun, but... (2 replies)
... Common Sense & Diva darlin', I thought you guys would be happy to here that a local news station yesterday evening ran a nice "Health Moment" segment..."The benefits of UV light"!! :grin: It was stressed to aviod the sun during burning hours without protection of course, and mentioned the need to absorb UV light for a mulitude of reasons.... including Vitamin D absorbtion.... (11 replies)
... A month ago I knew very little about melanoma and after much research and reading message boards this disease or "Beast" as it is referred to is nothing to take lightly. ... (2 replies)
... Sorry for ma long message that might have not made sense. Really my main question is has anyone with skin cancer on their nose felt a tingling sensation with it? ... (4 replies)
Oct 13, 2013
... Hi Valerie.My name is John.The first part of my message was cut off.I was wondering how things went for you? ... (4 replies)
Toenail melanoma
Mar 29, 2013
... I have become concerned about a small (about 3mm) bruiselike lesion beneath the nail of my great toe. It is perpendicular to the outer edge of the nail at approx. 9 o' clock. I am not certin as to how long it has been there, but it may be almost 2 months. I don't recall any actual trauma, but I am a runner and wonder if that could be the source of the bruise, (if that is what... (0 replies)
... One thing you must understand: this is a public message board and no one here (that I've met so far) is a medical professional. I had melanoma in 2007, but I do not consider myself in any way qualified to look at a picture some one has posted online and say if it is or isn't cancerous. I can certainly understand some one being concerned and frightened about something appearing... (7 replies)
... workers don't hear me, until my 7pm appointment. I've been coming onto this message board for the past few days and the warmth, hope, truth, and caring in many of your messages is what brought me to register. Thank you to you all. God Bless. ... (3 replies)
Spot on nose
Sep 29, 2011
... I just joined forum today, and posted a message. But I wanted to respond to your posting. I absolutely share your anxiety. Actually, I had an actinic keratosis or the doctor though it was. I was on Carac cream for a month. But the skin has remainded red, and the doctor will do a biopsy when I go in about 10 days from now. When do you get your results back? Do you have... (21 replies)
Spot on nose
Sep 12, 2011
... October though. You can always message me if you want to chat, I know how difficult it is. ... (21 replies)
... I really hope things work out for the best and the test results are favorable for you. If you can post a follow up, do it. Sometimes is good to get on a message board just to vent. Try really hard to remain positive and if you can be close to your loved ones until you know more. ... (2 replies)
... e, I think, I have always been somewhat spiritual but it has been ratcheted up since this situation has taken place, but that is another conversation for another message board I suppose. ... (0 replies)
Possible cancer?
Apr 17, 2011
... a. Some pictures do look a little similar, but others look much worse. I have an appointment with my doctor in a couple weeks, but while researching I found this message board. I wanted to see if this looks familiar to anybody and your thoughts. ... (1 replies)
... Good luck to all the others on this message board that are facing tests, results, surgeries, etc. My prayers are will all of you. ... (3 replies)

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