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I've always been a worrier, I was always a thinker. I always set goals and never achieved most of them. When someone gives me a problems, I spend days thinking about it. I also smoked cigarettes, people that i grew up with friends, family has now surpassed me even people younger than me are doing better.
I never graduated from hs and obviously never went to college. Not sure if all this contributed to my symptoms now.

In June 2014 I started to breathe heavier, I felt off balance, my head feels heavy and I had no control over my body. Felt like I was going to get knocked over or fall over. But I didn't ever since then I haven't been the same. I started to gain weight, started to have health problems. My arms, chest, neck, face, lips, head will get numb and tingly. I also get shooting pains here and there.
I had several checks up, visit to the er, visits to all kinds of specialist.
Only thing they found was fatty liver,but I beat it took me 8 months to do so and I lost 30lbs. My heart, blood, arteries, kidneys and all other organs were fine, also they ct scan my head, head was fine.
They said I have anxiety. But its hard to believe becasue its physically there.
Before I typed this I experienced something new. Back of my head i felt a rush, it was so bad that I had to squeeze the back of my head, it made me close my eyes because it felt like i was going to black out but I didnt.
I had a sleep study done last month, they said I have severe obstructive sleep apnea.
I'm due for another sleep study with the cpap machine this time.
My doctors said this could be the answer and relieve 90 percent of my symtpoms.

Could sleep problems cause this much of a bad anxiety?

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