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So, like many other people I have sleep apnea, GERD, and i'm overweight. I'm 6"0 and 260 (but working out again now). It seems like overnight when I was 35 I choked out when sleeping. I am 42 now and did well with BiPap, but it's back again with a vengeance. I'll fall asleep and then 1.5 or 2 hours later I gasp awake like I was being choked out. Then I try to go back to sleep and i choke 3 or 4 times until I think my body gives up and I sleep for a few hours. It breaks up REM sleep and I drag the next's a repetitive cycle.

Pressure 11 / 7 on Bipap and I use nose pillows. I have an adjustable bed, and sleep almost sitting up. I have worked on exploring everything. I just had another sleep study, and only slept 1 hour. I left early and drove home. I think I had a lot of anxiety and the bed was really uncomfortable.

I did start taking ativan at night to see if i was having night anxiety or the like. It helped me deal with the stress of not sleeping, but i still choked occasionally....less though.

I even went and did a heart stress test because I convinced myself I had a heart issue which was causing this. That came back ok, so it's not the ticker.

I just made a couple of adjustments and found some relief. I'm hoping that someone reading this might give it a try.

#1. I've started working out again focusing on cardio. It didn't really affect my sleeping much, but I've felt a lot better overall.

#2. I have learned that 11 / 7 pressure settings on my machine are low for my height / weight. I've slowly started increasing the pressure by .2 increments. I'm now at 12 / 8 pressure. ( a dr. is supposed to do this, but I figured out my machine).

#3. I switched to a full face mask rather than nose pillows. I just woke up from a 2 hour nap and found my self mouth breathing. I have never been a mouth breather, but when you use nose pillows you can create a vacuum if your moth opens and it makes a suction on your lungs. A full face mask prevents the back pressure from happening.

I slept great last night with no choke outs, and I just slept for 2 hours during a nap with zero choke out sessions.

I'm also on omeperazle for stomach acid. There is definitely a relationship between GERD and apnea. I can feel it.

Everyone is different, but it's really hard to troubleshoot issues on yourself when you are sleeping. Most doctors give you the mow and blow treatment, and it seems like they barely listen.

If you don't have sleep apnea, get tested. You may have a mild form of it. you can get dental devices to help if it's mild. If you have it bad like me, then get re-tested with a sleep study. If you have GERD then get that under control too. If you have nose pillows and you choke out, then try a full face mask, makes a big difference. Lastly, after a couple of years make sure your pressure is accurate. You get older and things change.

Good luck and sweet dreams folks. I know it's hard, but there are answers.

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