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I recently began taking seroquel for my insomnia and it works very well. But its causing me to sleep in way too late and causing me to miss my college classes i have in the mornings. I have tried so many other sleeping medicines, the most effective mirtazapine but that left me sedated for the entire next day. Ambien didn't really sedate me too much and I found myself out of bed doing things besides sleeping or getting ready for bed. Sonata worked alright but I was needing 20mg and sometimes it didnt even work at all. Trazodone didnt provide me with much relief from insomnia. Lunesta helps me stay asleep but gives me an amazing (not) taste for the entire next day and everything I eat taste metallic. I am prescribed Rozerem but that is a sleep medication that needs to be taken regularly at the same time, and my hectic college lifestyle doesn't allow for that. I tried xaanx 1mg for sleep but it didnt really put me to bed. I am prescribed ativan 1-2mg for sleep as needed and think it works decently, am wondering if xanax 2mg could be decent for putting me to bed.

I would like to find something different than seroquel for my insomnia because I feel like its slowing down my cognition and ability to focus/concentrate in college. It makes me sort of lethargic to a point where I can't learn information while under the influence of seroquel and the hangover the next day has the same effect.

I have noticed that my medication for ADHD is becoming less effective, and I'm wondering if me starting the seroquel recently has anything to do with the effectiveness of Vyvanse and adderall for my ADHD. My next options for sleeping medication that my insurance will approve is triazolam (halcion) and other benzo or non-benzo hypnotics. They also cover most generic medications but i am at a dead end as to what to try next for insomnia.

I liked how ambien worked, yet i eat most of my food at night and ambien required you to have an empty stomach for it to be fully absorbed. Im looking for a medication that could help me fall asleep quickly, stay asleep, and wake up with no hangover or groggy feeling. Any suggestions??

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