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This is my first post here, and while I took a glance around at the board I didn't see anything about this right off the bat, but I apologize if this has been discussed elsewhere, and would happily be pointed in that direction.

With that foreword being said, my problem lies in my inability to maintain any kind of sleep cycle, and how this is negatively impacting my life. To expound on this, I commonly stay awake for much longer than 24 hours with no external force compelling me to do so, just a constant nagging state of restlessness will not permit me to sleep, sometimes resulting in my laying in bed for hours staring at my wall until out of dire boredom I just resign myself to the fact and get back up. However when I actually do get tired I fall asleep quite quickly, and about half the time I sleep a fairly soundly with a normal time frame around 6~8 hours. The other half of the time though, sleep is much longer, anywhere from 8~20 hours, and always accompanied by extreme lethargy and grogginess upon waking. I'd say on average almost 5 nights a week I experience a wake cycle longer than 20 hours, and the other 2 nights seem fairly normal, and this seems to have little to do with how long I stay asleep. Sometimes I will fall asleep quickly and early and find out that I've slept through most of an entire day upon waking, and vice versa. There seems to be no method at all to my sleep pattern.

If once reading above the obvious implications of this on the normal life of a 30 year old male are not apparent, let me clarify them below.
Any job I work has been hell, as my sleep pattern simply will not conform to any kind of patterned work shifts you can find, and as such I've been unemployed for most of my adult life, though thankfully still able to support myself through various means and good investments made early on with the foresight of this problem. Further, this kind of sleep pattern's constant shifting leaves me with no ambition or drive, as I have great difficulty completing tasks which require a constant daily effort, for example I cannot have my body adjust to an exercise routine, because there is no guarantee I wont be sleeping through it at random times to form good concrete routines, and though I try and maintain good activity levels, these kinds of things never become concrete and founded enough to become positive habits for me. Eating is another area of distress, my meal times are crazy. and do not really conform to any schedule or norm, and I've pretty much given up on that front. Mostly though my days just have a lingering amount of moderate weariness with them, and I cannot seem to get the motivation to do anything with myself because of this constant state of being tired without the ability to rest and feel energized.

I'm sorry for the novel length post/introduction, and I appreciate any and all feedback on the matter, thank you.

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