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[QUOTE=cantaloupe;5438662]Oh my goodness, this is terrifying to read. I havenīt been able to sleep naturally for exactly 5 years now and only this year I īm starting to feel I canīt handle it. Also my fatigue has been worse than ever but Iīm still hoping itīs not CFS. Although itīs scary Iīm glad it isnīt deadly. Cause often it feels like if it gets worse, I might not make it.

Iīve been on similar drugs, doxepin, mirtazapine, 3 different benzos one of them being Xanax and one try of Ambien (zolpidem). Not to mention all the natural remedies like valerian, tryptophan, melatonin etc. Only the sedating antidepressants show effect. Though I keep getting more and more immune. I feel awfully sedated but still take a lot of time to fall asleep. I wake up a lot. Feel hung over every morning.

Did you do the sleep study? Anything new lately?[/QUOTE]

no. doc hasn't said anything more about it. i'm taking 20 mg of doxepin 5 nights a week-- takes me a while to fall asleep. the thing is i'm not as depressed as i was so it might be working as an antidepressant which is great because all the ones i tried gave me a bad reaction. usually 2 nights a week i take seroquel which knocks me out. i can only take it if i don't have to get up next day. took it last night and didn't get up till 2pm today. i just want to sleep.

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