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yeah but enough to seriously effect my sleep THIS much? I've slept on all kinds of beds and it's always been the same. I've even slept in other locations.

Sometimes I think it could almost be a weird mental health issue. I don't really struggle with depression that much, but in the morning before I wake up, I feel like my mind is stuck in this negative pit and it's hard to convince myself to wake up. All I can think is "why bother" and I just don't feel the energy or motivation to do anything but it all goes away once I get up. But at the same time that's also part of the problem, physically it also just FEELs really hard to get up. Like, I feel so groggy, and heavy and weighted down.

Could food and diet be a big issue? I try to eat healthy but I dunno, maybe there's some random allergy that I have or something?

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