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Hi All!
This is my first ever post.
I have suffered from fatigue for a long time and I'm started to think it is due to me feeling like I dream all night. I have no trouble getting to sleep and when I go to sleep I feel like I'm on my travels all night so I wake up exhausted so much so I feel more awake when I'm a sleep? I wake pretty often through the night due to the dreams and sometimes take a while to get back off to sleep and often when I wake I feel like I have eye strain? I snore and also grind my teeth so bad I had to get my teeth build up as they were so worn down. I'm now 38, was diagnosed with 3 malignant melanomas at age 30 so avoid the sun - could the exhaustion be lack of Vitamin D? Last year I had a hysterectomy due to severe endometriosis which at the time I though the fatigue was down to but now that has been removed I still feel the same?
I'm not overweight, don't drink regularly and have 2 dogs that keep my pretty fit.
Anyone out there suffering from something similar?

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