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I'm 60 (in May) year old female in pretty good health. I've had no changes in medications or drama or changes in my life in the past several years.

I suffer from Anxiety for several years but have kept it under control for the most part with 1 - 2 mg Ativan and diet.

The past few weeks, I've noticed I am not sleeping as sound. I wake up often through out the night and do not sleep my average 8 hours as I did before.

I have always been a sound sleeper and would sleep 8+ hours a night with no problems, until recently.

It started with my eyes popping open every hour. BAM! 2am, then 3:34am, then 4:15am, etc etc.

I'm not taking any new medication that would cause this. no foods at night, no caffeine.

After a few weeks of this -off and on- I'm still not sleeping through the night and also having vivid dreams while I am asleep. Crazy dreams every night while I'm sleeping.

I did have 2 nice nights Monday and Tuesday, where I slept normally, 8 hours without the dreams. I was praying it was over but it happened again the next night, worse than ever.

The 1 - 2mg Ativan has helped me sleep at night and helped with my anxiety until now. I'm so nervous and hyper. I cannot calm down, even after taking the Ativan, I will only sleep a short amount of time, flooded by dreams and eyes pop open wide awake all night and this is really working hard on my nerves. I am tired but can't relax. I have major anxiety and feel so uneasy... and My Doctor is on vacation!

Am I having anxiety from the sleep problems? OR - are the sleep problems from the anxiety? Maybe I've grown a resistance to the Ativan? what's next? I don't think the Doc will increase the dose.

Please reply to this post with any information or help you may have. I appreciate it so much.

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