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I have read a few posts regarding zopiclone, which is on sale at [url][/url] . I just want to share my own experience with Zopiclone.

In my opinion, Zopiclone is the best all-around sleep medication available today. It's highly effective. I've taken it for 3 years and 2 months and feel that it's given me my life back. For those who suffer from insomnia (early wakening), this is a God send. However, it does have side effects. My doctor says a drug with no side effects probably has NO effects. So I guess I'll take the side effects rather than go back to no sleeping night after night, year after year. For me, besides the bitter taste of the pill, the worst side effect is the attention problems. Sometimes, I can't remember important things, like what Christmas presents I've bought for the kids and where I've hidden them. I can read the same book twice and not remember it. I was definitely not like that! I just keep telling myself that it's drug-induced and it doesn't mean I'm getting old. Seems strange when I talk about it -- that I can take on side effects and still prefer to take the drug and sleep all night long. That just shows you how important sleep is. To me, without it, I might as well be dead. That is, despite the side effects, my quality of life has improved incredibly.

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