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[QUOTE=TobyT.]Hello all. I've been having sleep problems over the last couple weeks. I'll go 24 to 30 hours without and then get 4 or 5 hours tops. And then another 24 to 30 hour stretch. I'm not sure if this is stress related (?) or what...but I do plan on seeing my doctor tomorrow. Now for my question...I don't want to get hooked on any sleep related medication if I can help it, as I've heard horror-stories of people trying to get off of them. What should I avoid if he offers? I've tried the hot bath thing to relax....and that did seem to help some. Any ideas?[/QUOTE]


I am sorry to hear of your story. I have had insomnia since college. Your experience sort of reminded my past days. Sleeping pills are always the last choice, since they cannot solve your fundamental problem. My suggestion will be,
1. try to keep a regular schedule, go to bed even if you are not sleepy
2. remain in the bed, even if you cannot fall asleep, don't roll back and forth
3. drink some warm milk, or soak your feet with warm water for half an hour before you go to bed

Regarding medicine, I would recommend zopiclone, which i have been using for two years. It is a non-addictive and effective medicine that is widely used in Europe and Canada. I am buying it through [url][/url] . They provide very good customer service and free expedite shipping.


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