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I know, it's a crack up!! I thought I was nuttin' up until I posted all my others "symptoms" on this other board and found I was not only normal, but in the majority on it!! It made me feel better because I was scared that I was either losing my marbles or having other medical problems and didn't want to face them.

The visual and audio probs are hypnogogic hallucinations...they suck at best. I have heard babies sob only to search for a baby that was not there or find my children sleeping. I also have panic attacks about's so severe that every night, I make a mental check list as to where my bats are and where my dogs are. My dogs are the best defense against these because my great pyrenees won't let someone step foot in this house with out barking and waking the dead. If I have these HH during the day, I look to the dogs and find I'm just fine.

A few other weird ones are....
...hyper mobility syndrome...causes pain in joints, muscles and ligaments
...migraines..usually tension
...automatic behavior...doing a routine task w/ diminished capacity and no memory of the event....socks in the oven, milk under the sink, bread in the living room, etc.
...Loss of vocabulary or thoughts..couldn't figure out how to take a shower, I knew in my head that I knew how to do it, but couldn't access it for anything...couldn't remember the word DOG!! etc
...unorganized, scattered thinking, cluttered living/work spaces due to unability to think straight.
...weak legs, shakey at times..sometimes they get so weak I have to step really slowly or I feel like my knees and legs will give out..they haven't yet, but feel like it.
...irritability for no apparent reason...reason really is, constant state of fatigue and sleepiness, just like someone being up for 2 days and then being asked a favor by someone they don't really care for.
...narcolepsy fatigue is shown to be equivalent to the average person going 3 days with no sleep then trying to perform the most boring task.
...fall asleep when too warm, almost instantaneously for me.
...intollerence to extreme cold or heat.
...wake up shaking, teeth chattering at times and a feeling of being ice cold to the bone, even in a warm house.
...mental fog.
...cognitive impairment, slow to respond, slow comprehension, must repeat tasks several times before getting them right, must be told several times...usually more profound during high attack days
...changing subject without warning and sometimes completely unaware
...loss of muscle tone ranging from weakness to full collapse..if my son scares me, my legs start to give, but not all the way.
...extremely jumpy, people don't even have to sneak up on me!! They think it's funny as heck
...have a fear response to non-scary objects...the other day my bath towel registered as a scary object and I about ate it in the tub!!! I didn't see anything other than a towel but my brain reacted before it had a chance to realize what I was really seeing.
...things "disappearing" from your hands, just had them two seconds ago.
...burning smell...oops, burnt dinner again!!, visual, (lost the word for smeller) hallucinations
...eye balls feeling like someone put them in a bag of water and shook them up
...poor memory retention, if any at all!!
...muscle jerks..get this're walking with a cup and all the sudden have a full body jerk, your arms twitch out in front of you, one of your legs kicks (looks like doing the hokey pokey w/ sis has it, seen it first hand) similar to the falling dream when going to sleep and your cup goes flying!! And it's usually when people are watching. keep dropping an object, just to pick it up and keep dropping it
...low blood pressure and body temp
...tinnusitis(sp) balance, I teeter but don't totter..foot gets stuck in one spot, doesn't feel it should have to move and I trip over myself
...I drift into people if they're on the right of me. I don't do this to the left for some reason, but you can't walk beside me on the right or I'll push you into the dirt.
...seeing traffic but not registering what will happen if you don't brake or walk in front of it.
...can't follow many conversations, you try but it turns into just words with no meaning
...can't read long paragraphs any more...short ones with lots of pictures!! Just got myself the new edition children's bible..can't stick with the adult version
...nod off during arguments..if it's too severe of an argument and I fight back I'll have attacks for 2 days!! knee buckles and other one follows, but catch myself just in time cataplexy is also pain induced..the other day hubby was rubbing my neck and pinched my neck muscle too hard, my head dropped and I couldn't speak..I could only grunt!! He finally stopped and immediately I snapped out of it and told him, if I grunt and my head is drooping...QUIT WHAT YOU'RE DOING!!!!
...certain meds (especially narcotics or ones that cause drowsiness) seem to stay in my system longer than they should. Percocet stays for about 1-2 full days..the sleepy effect hits after eating meals or drinking too much fluid
...can't follow directions and they don't seem to make sense..they'll tell you something but the sentence enters your head out of sequence or you can visualize it, but can't place the meaning of it.
...scary dreams at night...rooted in real life with a huge helping of slasher/horror movie
...some so real, usually during the day, you don't remember waking, so don't know it's a dream..lost my auto insurance this way. I apparently had one where I swore I paid it and was going to prove them wrong when I got the notice I was cancelled. I went through bank records and there was no record...nuther dang dream...or spending too much at Wal-mart, called hubby to tell him that I needed him to get an advance to cover it..he didn't answer, I searched for two hours for my groceries, couldn't find them so got the keys to check the car...I HAD NO CAR!! I never left..but still very real to this day.
...pounding heart, usually upon falling asleep or wakening, but not do to any exertion
...abdominal weight gain
...craving for carbs and sweets
...calling same people several times and repeating the same question or conversation, it's like being in the Alzheimer's ward
...can't remember who I'm calling
...feeling of not waking up completely...on those days, I stay home..too many attacks will be coming if I don't fully wake or act as if I'm drunk..slurred speach, slowed thinking, slowed reaction time, wobbly, can't absorb surroundings or converstaions, etc.
...soooo many more, but running out of brain space!

My favorite passive/aggressive approach to those who refuse to admit I have narcolepsy and give me crap when I have to get off the phone because an attack is hitting hard....I just keep talking and hang up mid-sentence and tell them my battery died!!! Technically my battery did die...just not the phone battery, my own battery!!

I also notice that I tend to talk more and faster when my brain's shutting down. It's almost as if I can keep it from going full blown if I keep my brain busy....but eventually I wear the other people out and they want to choke me!! So I shut up and soon after, I'm out!

Anything else fitting????

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