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Re: Cpap machine?
Mar 18, 2004
[QUOTE=Lonely810810]Ok I got my new machine yesterday and I used it.I swear I wake up more during the night when I have it than when I didn't.Does it take a while to get used to it?Because my thoughts were to take it off and suffer.It takes me SOOO long to fall asleep with this on my face...Anybody out there experience this?I am supposed to have a good night sleep right?[/QUOTE]
First, let me say dont let what I say discourage you. Everyone is different after all!
I too expected BIG THINGS from my machine the first night; maybe expected too much? I've had my CPAP machine for 6 weeks now. I still cant sleep. I wake up after 3-4 hours and find I've taken the mask off at some point. SO how do I feel when I get up? The same exhausted as before.
I'll give you the same advice I received: it does take some getting used to. Do you feel claustraphobic in the mask? Does the mask fit well, with no leaks? Is the mask causing pressure/pain in any one area? How do you sleep once you do fall asleep? How do you feel the next day?
Try wearing the mask for a little while before you lay down, to get accostomed to it. If you're having that much trouble falling asleep, make sure you mention it to your doc. I still have to take Ambien to fall asleep; unfortunately, it doesnt keep me asleep. I'll be switching to a BiPAP come Monday, but I'm not getting my hopes up this time!
Best of luck; give it a little time yet. ;)

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