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This past month I have had sleep problems either due to nerve pains or anxiety. Some nights I can sleep better and some nights I cannot sleep at all. I have tried Melatonin (one pill a day before sleep at night). I find that it is not strong enough.

Is sleeping pills or Elavil more stronger? are there side effects?
What's really odd is that the only thing I have found effective for me to sleep well is Benadryll, which is an antihistamine. I have tried melatonin, Elavil, Xanax, and the list goes on and on. Actually, my regular physician was the one that told me to take it. I only use 50 mg., which is the norm, every night and I'm asleep within an hour. I've been doing this for about 2 years and I've never had to take more than the regular dose. Has anyone else tried this?
The melatonin is helping me get to sleep, it does not make me groggy. Before was prescribed amitriptyline for a couple years, it helped as a antihistimine, headaches/migraine, helped me sleep but the daytime sedation was rediculous and I could no longer take it due to the side affects. The neuro said I could try the nor...forget the name, is in the same family, but I would not want anything cardiotoxic, been there done that. Hope you find something that works!
i also use an antihistamine called periactin to get me off to sleep, it helps

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