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hi all,

i have a strange problem. i seem to need lots of sleep but i do not fall asleep right away. i goto bed at 1-2 am and get up very reluctantly at 1 pm or even later if i dont force myself out of bed. but it takes me very long to actually fall asleep - sometimes even 1-2 hours! the main problem is getting up after that. i also need to nap for another 2-3 hours in the afternoon. again getting up is difficult. however i go awaken many times during the night, usually after a dream.

if need be i can force myself to get up at anytime earlier like even 9 am, but i have to compensate for that lost sleep within the next few hours. like if i completely skip a few hours of my regular sleep i get very uneasy and get migraines and nausea that wont get better till i go back to sleep again. once i do fall asleep after that, i sleep like a baby and dont wake up even once in btween.

i am hypothyroid (well controlled), i have a pituatary microadenoma, am anemic, and also have restless leg syndrome. also i am tired and sleepy all the time. i think i could just sleep 24 hrs a day if i let myself.

am i just a long sleeper? or does it sound like something else?

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