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i have had problems sleeping too. i thought my inability to fall asleep was just being used to getting up at all hours with having 3 children relatively close together and getting up with them all the time. however, the last 6 months (at least) my kids are sleeping fine thru the night and i can not fall asleep. either everything is rushing around in my mind and i can't calm myself or i toss and turn or my husband is breathing heavily or snoring.......... so i looked for an over the counter remedy and have been taking a sleep aid which is essentially Benedryl. i believe they say on the bottle about taking one (25mg) maybe two pills (50mg) - and 2 definitely makes me sleepy. i find tho that if something wakes me up i again have trouble getting back to sleep. you can try it. i was just prescribed Zoloft yesterday and my dr said that should help too in time with helping me get to sleep but in the mean time i'm going to keep taking the Benedryl to help.
good luck. not sleeping is the pits.

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