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Re: Trazadone
Jul 5, 2006
:confused: I feel where you are coming from, I also have the same problem going and staying sleep. I am on Trazadone (100mg) and I don't like the way it makes me feel the next day (sluggish). I've also tried Tylenol PM, which was no help at all. I told my doctor and now I am taking Ambien (10mg). I am suppose to take the Trazadone and also the Ambien. The Trazadone alone makes me sleepy but I don't stay sleep. I stopped taking the Trazadone and started only taking the Ambien. If I don't take the Ambien, I would be woke all night and very agitated the next day. I break my Ambien in half so it could last longer. The doctors don't like to give it to you because you can become dependent on it. It does not matter with me because I need it to get to sleep. Ask your doctor about giving you a prescription for Ambien and see what he/she says. Let me know how you make out. It does wonders for me.

[QUOTE=bm28]Hi, I posted something similar a while back and only got one response. Here's what's happening with me. I'm on an anti-depressant called Luvox (250 mg and still climbing probably) and once I got into the 100 mg. range I developed insomnia from in in which I don't fall asleep WHATSOEVER without a sleeping pill. Trazadone has helped well for me as far as sleeping. (25 mg. does the job it seemed like the higher dosages didn't help as well for some reason) Anyways, I DESPISE the way it makes me feel the next day. I feel kind of "hazy/foggy" It is so strange! So I talked to my Dr. about maybe switching to something else; mabye over the counter?????? He suggested Benadryl which I tried (Tylenol PM) and it didn't do ANYTHING. I am so frustrated. I mean I have to continue to take the trazadone because I can't sleep without it but I can't stand the way it makes me feel the next day. Please someone respond if you have any suggestions about what else I might be able to try. Thank you so much! Beth[/QUOTE]

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