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Both me and my partner suffer with sleep problems.

I used to suffer with insomnia many years ago, but I managed to get myself in a routine that worked for me so that I got about 9 hours sleep a night. The past few months I've been completely the opposite. I feel tired all the time and don't really have the energy or the will to do anything. It's rather frustrating. I also have this annoying tendency to fall asleep with very little warning - the tiredness just increases in a very short space of time (around 5 minutes) and I'm asleep on the sofa. I'm not on any medication apart from the contraceptive pill. My father suffered from a strange kind of narcolepsy (I think) which meant he used to fall asleep randomly, but only when sitting or resting. He could also fall asleep on cue, which used to fascinate the doctors at the time... I'm wondering if I have something which is hereditary? I'm 24, non-smoker, balanced diet, limited exercise.

My partner, he is just a very heavy sleeper. I find it increasingly difficult to wake him up for work, despite two alarms. He will sleep through those and the phone ringing and the doorbell. He also can sleep for lengthy periods of time - often 14 - 19 hour stretches. I worry about this, but he says there's nothing to worry about - he just needs alot of sleep and that's just the way it is. He's 21, overweight, a smoker, eats poorly (no fruit or veg) and has limited exercise.

Any advice?

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