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I took mine last night, the dr only prescribed me 2 mg 15 pills. It took me over 4hrs to fall asleep and sleep off and on for 10hrs , probably 6-7 hr sleep total. I have high tolerance for medicine and probably need the 3mg max. I have taken 15 mg of valium before and stayed awake for 6 hrs after taking it, ambien didnt do nothing for me except make me feel like I had a buzz. I also have taken xanax at 1mg , I get 4-5hrs sleep, I rather use the xanax .5mg for anxiety attacks. I don't want to become immune or tolerant to Xanax, since its the best thing I have ever used for panic attacks. I am wondering how many people in here use klonopin and ativan for sleeping and if it knocks you act quick and helps keep you asleep.

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