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Thanks for the reply-- maybe I should give some background..
We tried ambien first and i didn't like it because of what I previously wrote. But it works for me. So we tried trezadone, which I really hated because it made me really tired the next day. Then I tried Tylenol PM and that works but I feel really groggy the next day.
Plus it takes about an hour to knock me out, while the ambien works in about 20 minutes. We tried a combination- 1/2 an ambien and 1 tylenol pm, but I still do funny things while I'm "sleeping"
I guess I am wondering if the memory loss and unconscious behaviors are common to anyone else.
I hate not being able to fall asleep on my own but when I dont take something, I lay awake for hours and then am up about 3 times during the night.
I've tried meditating and reading and earplugs and soothing music, but i just can't fall asleep at night, and am tired through the day.

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