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I have taken both Ambien and Lunesta. Lunesta at the 3 mg dosage will only keep me asleep for two to four hours. It has a long half-life, 6 to 9 hours, so waking in two or three hours is an unpleasant experience. I sit in a chair reading and feel as though I have ingested two Excedrin PM (78 mg of Benedryl).

Ambien was a wonder drug af first. I slept great and had no side effects. Unfortunately, I developed a tolerance for the 5 mg dosage. My doctor increased the strength to 10 mg and, again, I slept great for several weeks. Eventually, tolerance caught up to me again. Now, 10 mg of Ambien will give me two to four hours of sleep or about the same as the Lunesta. One big difference, though. Ambien has a relatively short half life (2.2 hours or so) so when I do wake, I do not feel as terribly drugged as I did with the Lunesta.

I have read that Ambien is working on a timed release version of their medication. I am not sure that the timed release version will necessarily work better, though, due to my developed tolerance.

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