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Has anyone ever tried remoron for sleep or its generic mirtazaphine. They really helped me sleep great but I woke with a hangover. Also ate like a pig. I also tried elavil and its generic amitripiline. The lower doses 25mg. made me too groggy the next day. The 10mgs didn't do much. Someone told me about nuerontin for sleep. Is this any good?
remeron is being promoted as a magic cure for almost everything, but I dont think its much good at all
I have longstanding sleep problems and have never found anything yet that helps for long
the antidepressant trazodone is said to help with sedation shortly after taking the tablet, but it isnt available where I am

remeron is notorious for causing compulsive eating
but there are still many other antidepressants to try
I have been on Remeron it is supposed to be a antidepressent/ anxiety drug.
The first couple of days I seemed to sleep ok, then everything stopped no sleep again. And I seemed to be getting more depressed and agitated. It did not work for me the 3rd month went into the garbage!!! :rolleyes:
I had been taking Neurontin for another purpose (severe nerve related back pain). But, it also worked for my sleep - completely. I was taking 300mg before bedtime. The whole time I was using the Nuerontin, I had better sleep than in years. Too bad my back got better :-)

I am using Elavil 10mg right now for sleep purposes due to pain I have in my arms while sleeping. I don't think the Elavil is doing much good. I still wake up several times during the night. And I don't want to take more, since I've never had a problem with depression - I'm a bit concerned about mucking around w/my natural brain chemistry in regards to using antidepressants. I don't care so much with other drugs LOL.

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