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[COLOR=Magenta][CENTER][B]Hello Rain :wave: [/B] [/CENTER]

[INDENT]I also scare myself a bit to much when reading all the info on the internet. Like you said it is good to be informed, but at the same time we scare ourselves even more. But over the years as I have done much research as I am not the healthiest person, I started to understand why it does take our doctors so long to give us a diagnosis. So many of the same symptoms mimic different health issue's.

As for the EEG, my son has had one, once a year. Although they say this test takes 45 minutes, they spend about 20 minutes of the test getting all the electrodes hooked up onto you. Be prepared to have a real sticky and gluey head afterwards. After they set up the electrodes they turn out the light and you lay back and relax for a bit. During the test at one point they may tell you to take deep breaths and such. But it is a very easy test. Usually it is a technician that gives the EEG, and they don't give you any results. My only advice is, try not to fall[/INDENT]

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