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[QUOTE=pleasantville]i did try it and 25mgs did nothing. i was wide awake 2 hrs. later. then tried 50mgs and slept for 4 hrs. i can see that i would need a higher dose of seroquel and that is what i am afraid of. i am already dependent on 3 mgs of ativan daily. thanks for replying. also, did your dr. have any qualms about prescribing it to a diabetic? any constipation problems?


I wouldn't take it, it's a major tranquilizer and quite bad for the nervous system.

THree mgs. Ativan and still have sleep trouble? That might be the key. Ativan and other benzos(or benzo like sleep meds) are great for sleep but over time they actually can worsen pre-existing insomnia conditions. THe GABA receptors are downregulated as the brain tries to adapt over time, causing tolerance and dependancy.

Downregualtion means less GABA, less of the calming/sleep chemical receptors and also as a defense mechanism, the brain also upregulates opposing receptors to the drug (excitatory receptors).

So basically, you are eventually left with too many excitatory receptors and not enough inhibitory ones which makes sleep even more hard to get than before! Also, a new range of excitatory chemicals might lead to anxiety and nervousness.

So next move is, since they don't like to exceed prescribing limits on benzos, the docs get out the big guns...the major tranqs, which may work some but they aren't really able to cover the receptors the benzos do.

What's the answer? For me, it was tapering off my Ativan and putting up with a somewhat lengthy withdrawal. Looking back, it was sure hellish for awhile, but now I feel so much better and my slight lingering sleep issues are nothing compared to the problems I had while on the meds....for example, taking 2 mg. Ativan at bedtime everynight and not sleeping at all for several nights in a row plus anxiety/panic attack withdrawals during the day!!!

I basically now sleep good, without as much as a Tylenol PM or chammomile tea. Not as good pre-benzo, but still noticing improvements even a few years off which is amazing to me, so continued recovery has no time limit. And, I get more sleep now than when I was on that stuff so I've already won the battle.

Look up the free online Ashton Manual on benzos. Seems alot of people end up with trouble with them, which can lead to not only more meds like antipsychotics and antidepressants (just to get a night of sleep or calm down) but also to various mental and physical conditions.

I decided not to go down that road and am so glad I didn't but that decision is up to each person. But everyone I know who is still on some med, sleep is a constant problem for them which is sad because I've been there, I know how torturous it is and I know the answer. But I will admit it was very hard and took alot of patience.

Never CT a benzo as seizures are a possiblilty.

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