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I've always been a sleeper, but the older I get it becomes more out of hand. It was getting to the point where I could sleep for 15+ hours a night, plus I was battling depression, so I thought my sleepiness was due to that.

I began couseling and later a regimen of antidepressants. However, my sleepiness has not gotten better. I am only 26, and I can hardly keep my eyes open when going out with friends. Just this weekend, I went out until about 2 am, the entire time I was out I felt sleepy and lethargic when I used to go dance my butt off (and I only had two drinks over the course of the night, so I know that is not to blame). Then I came home and slept until 10:30 pm Sunday (over 20 hours) without getting up once to use the restroom, eat, or drink, even though my husband tried repeatedly to get me up. I'd wake up when he roused me but I had no interest in getting out of bed & would go right back to sleep. I also felt like I was dreaming the *entire* time I was asleep.

My hubby says I do not snore or have irregular/interrupted breathing while sleeping. I do not tear at my clothes or rip the covers off. The only thing is that lately I feel I dream all night long, and my husband says only 5 minutes after falling asleep I start twitching as though I'm dreaming. Does anyone have ideas? Should I approach my GP about going to a sleep specialist?


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