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ever since I can remember I've been a night person... I remember being like 5 yrs old and staying up all night with a flashlight in my room... all through elementary, middle, and high school I was frequently absent from school because I would stay up all night and sleep all day... but I didn't really care back then... but now that I'm older I really need to switch it around.. I need to sleep at night in order to have a regular job and everything... I'm still in college, but I'll be graduating soon and don't know what I'm going to do... I'm currently maxed out with student loans since I can't hold a job because I sleep all day... and I still miss school frequently.. it's taken me 3 yrs to finish a 2 yr school... I saw a doctor once and he just prescribed me with an anti-depressant, but I'm not really for taking those kinds of medications... I don't trust them...

My main problems are that even if I'm tired all day (if I'm up) once night comes I'm suddenly alert... and I just can't get myself to try and go to bed... because I'm not tired, and because there are better things I want to be doing... also when I finally do lay down and try to sleep it takes me at least an hour to fall asleep, but thats when I wait unitl 4-6am to sleep... If I try to make myself sleep earlier around 1am-3am, I'll just toss and turn for 2-3 hours... and my brain just wont shut off... I think to much... so I just plain dread laying down in bed because it's just too hard to fall asleep.... I sit and think "I should go to bed" but then I think "no it's too hard" so I just stay up..

So should I try a different doctor... what could they actually do other than medication?
oh I've also tried over the counter sleep aids, tylenol pm, nyquil, alluna... they don't do anything...

oh another problem is I seem to need more sleep then most people... when I sleep I don't feel right unless I get 9-10 hours... but sometimes I even sleep for 12-14 hours.. but I don't feel right if I sleep more or less than 9-10... so I want to be able to be fine with 6-8 hours... cuz I don't have enough time for a life when I sleep for 10-12 hours every day.

sorry this is so long.

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