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Yep SheltieHouse, there are lots of us out there. My problem has been with me my entire life. I have done the tin foil trick since I was 10. Mom and Dad didnt like it but they got over it. I too have always needed some sort of drowning out noise like a fan. What is really bizaare and I know it must be in my head but I cant stand to have the alarm clock facing me. I swear I can see the light of the numbers with my eyes closed. Must just have thin eyelids :)

While shopping at Brookstone (specialty item store, cant give you the link as its not allowed) I found the perfect sleep mask. Its made out ofTempur-pedic and its padded just right so it blocks out all the light. I thought it would make me sweat but doesnt even come close. Its not very bulky so its easy to get used too. I find it to be the single best sleep aid, other than perscription meds, out there.

My Dr just put me on an older med called Temazepam (Restoril) and I have only taken it once which was last nite and it worked well. No side effects yet.

By the way, most of the meds you listed are anti-anxiety or anti-depressant meds, not sleep meds. Not trying to correct you. Just thought it should be noted. Xanax, Klonopin, Ativan and Valium are anti-anxiety meds. Most of these have drowsiness as a side effect but they are not usually given for sleeping disorders unless regular sleep meds dont work or have side effects that cant be tolerated.

Remeron, Desryl, Paxil and Zoloft are anti depressents and they sometimes can make you sleepy but, also, are not prescribed for sleep. I too get all wired up on Zoloft, so much that I couldnt take it at all, even in the morning.

I have used both Valerian Root and Melatonin. I got nothing out of Valerian Root but Melatonin works well for me for a few days and it must be good quality. Get it from a health food store and not the Supermarket.

Kava Kava and St Johns wort also fall into the anti axiety/muscle relaxer realm but have sleep aid properties.

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