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I cant wake up .
Oct 25, 2005
I have had problem for 4 or 5 years. I have problems falling asleep, Im just not tired untill I have been up for around 20 hours. I can stay up for about 25 hours before Im tired. But when I fall asleep I can sleep for 15 hours. Even when I am only up for 8 or 10 hours I can still go to sleep and sleep for 10-15 hours. Its not like I have an unrestfull sleep, I sleep very deeply the problem is I dont wake back up. My boyfriend is very annoyed when we have brunch plans and he trys to wake me up even if I have had 10 hours of very deep sleep I dont wake up short of my home catching flame. This is dangerous, Litteraly the fire alarm went off in my building the other day and I would have slept through it if my boyfriend hadnt been yelling and shaking me that the building was on fire. and that still took 2 minutes. I could only complin that the buzzing was to loud! I dont move much when I sleep I stay very still, I dont snore and I dont know what my problem is. I just dont wake up. If no one or nothing wakes me up I can sleep for 20+ hours. My body just doesnt move between the different levels of sleep. Does any one have any ideas? Please! all doctors do is say I need sleeping pill to get to sleep. But with a little effort I cn go to sleep I just dont wake up

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