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this site doesn't get many replys - sometimes frustrating!

here's my two cents...

i'm hypo as well. haven't been able to fall asleep until usually after midnight some time and I can't consecutively stay asleep longer than about 2-3 hours, i wake and cannot fall asleep again, kills me EVERYDAY. hard to function at work.

how much levoxyl are you taking? maybe they are kicking in right at bedtime? also, which vitamins are you taking at bedtime? switch anthing energy-producing to earlier in the day to dissipate. how late do you eat dinner? no caffeine 6 hours before bedtime. wear earplugs. watch tv or read until your eyes get heavy. i do all of the above. i still have difficulty, i've used up all of my sonata and ambien. i will take 5 mg of melatonin 30 min. prior to bedtime, but may interfere with thyroid function.

read ALL of the side effects of you other meds (all 2,000 of them!). You may have to change your dosing schedule. Is it possible that you are taking too much thyroid replacement? I am feeling both hypo and hyper with my increase, waiting two more weeks for lab before i change anything though. :bouncing:

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