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hi all,
im so tired all the time and i just dont feel like doing anything, but i think i know why ,most nights i lay awake trying to sleep but i just have thought running through my head, its like my brain thinks its time to start overloading at bed time? its so anying because i can be really tired but not turn the thoughts off, its like a loud tv in my head not letting me sleep. when i finaly get to sleep i dream ,each morrning i remember at least 5 dreams ive had the night b4 and they usualy fell REAL(i have not meet anyone else that dreams as much as me) but i have hurd that when you dream your not in a proper relaxing sleep ,is this true? even when i just go for a nap i dream, ive tryed listening to those hypnosis deep sleep tapes but they didnt help either, so dose anyone know how to turn off my brain so i can sleep ,and be refreshed? :confused:
[QUOTE=Countrygirl1]My problem is that sometimes I feel afraid to go to sleep. I don't know why I should be afraid to go to sleep. Yet, that is the way I would describe the feeling. I have the thoughts racing through my mind as well.[/QUOTE]

I sometimes have that feeling too.

Most of the time, I just dream bad things all night (after I finally fall asleep) and then don't feel rested at all in the morning.
I've had these same problems all my life with falling asleep and have only today heard of something that actually makes sense, it's called Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome. What I thought for YEARS was insomnia is actually my body's internal clock not being ready for bed yet! Every night when it's time to go to bed I'm like a 3 year old...I just hate it! It's like being sent to prision...I'm in the dark, I have to be still, but the brain keeps on going, no matter how tired I am. My poor husband has what I call "second-hand Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome" because I keep him up all night because I'm never tired at 11:00 or even at midnight (the poor man is a saint not to smother me in my sleep the next morning when he spends 10-20 minutes trying to rouse me from my coma.)

If I fell asleep when I was tired ever night, I would consistantly fall asleep between 1:30 and 3 am, and wake between 10:30 and noon. I've been this way all my life, my mother is the same and so is my youngest son, it appears, for me, to be genetic.

I have a theory as to why dreams are so vivid for people like this, melatonin has been proven to produce very vivid dreams, and the production of it is highest in the middle of the night, tapering off before you wake up (usually.) Most people that fall asleep easily are dreaming their most vivid stuff at 2 or 3 in the morning, and by the time they wake up at 7 or whatever, they've forgotten their dreams, but if your schedule is off and you're waking up at your PEAK sleep time, you're remembering these dreams much more vividly. This also explains why it's so hard to wake up early, even on those rare days when you technically get 'enough' sleep. It's the middle of your 'night.'

Hope this helps someone...I'm off to see my doctor in the morning to discuss trying melatonin and light therapy. Everything else I've ever tried to date has just made me more miserable or did nothing.

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