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Re: Couldn't move
Feb 15, 2006
The funny thing is, I'm the exact opposite :jester:. I never had sleep paralysis without trying to induce it, and it takes a lot of hard work doing that. I *WISH* I naturally experienced it without having to meditate for a long time and such. Why? Because that's the key to inducing very vivid lucid dreams. Some people think it's an out of body experience or something - It's NOT!

It's your brain severing connections to your body's motor control. If it didn't do that, your body would move around like mad while you're dreaming - dangerous :).

Your best bet is to just go with it. Your breathing is being regulated as well, so if you panic, you will feel like you're suffocating. Just relax, close your eyes, and visualize something comforting. You will find that you have a very easy time focusing on an image. You will soon fall asleep.

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