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Apr 8, 2006
...hello. My name is Shannon and I`m a guy. Besides being stricken with an awful name for a man at birth I was also born with a sleeping disorder. Almost from the womb I have rocked my self to sleep. Rock on one side for awhile and then switch to the other side. We believe my father also had this problem, but found his own cure for it through heavy drinking. This would enable him to pass out, as opposed to rocking all night. It also enabled him to die at the age of 37 due to liver failure.

I`m now 34, and have two sons of my own. My oldest is 5 and never had a problem with rocking, however my 5 month old cant sleep through the night and is starting to show signs that he may also be a rocker.

I realize their is no cure for this affliction, and have come to realize I will be rocking and rolling till I die. I tried to get help for my problem on several diffrent occasions, but their is no help to get. My family doctor thought it was stress related, and the shrink said it is a physical problem that started while I was in the womb. Basically neither was any help.

Was just curious if their was any others out there who share this disease. It would be nice to know that at least I`m not alone, as they say..."misery loves company"...... :( .
Re: Rocking....
Apr 10, 2006
When I was little, I rocked myself to sleep every night. I'm now 56 and don't rock anymore, but have the hardest time falling asleep. Sue :bouncing:

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