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Can't stay asleep
Apr 14, 2006
Hi guys, just wondering if anybody can help me.
I seem to have real problems actually sleeping, no matter how long im in bed or what time i go to bed i really struggle to get any real sleep. My mind is constantly racing throughtout the day and i cant seem to switch it off, its exactly the same when i go to bed, i generally can fall asleep ok but i struggle to stay asleep for more than about 4 hours. Then i constantly keep waking up and find it very hard to go back to sleep. As soon as i wake up the 1st time, my mind races again. If i have 10 hours in bed, i feel that i am lucky to actually sleep for 5 of them. This makes me moody and lethargic all day. Even when i sleep i seem to constantly dream, i have many random dreams every night so im not even getting refreshing sleep. I find it very hard to get up early and if i do im pretty down all day due to lack of proper sleep.

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