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hello everyone, i normally hang around the anxiety site but thought someone here can help.back in 92 is when my sleep troubles began, i started night shift! i could not sleep during the day, i worked night shift for 5 years and lived off 3-4 hrs if that a day.tried all sorts of sleep aids "otc" nothing really put me to sleep,finially got off night shift in 97 and insomnia troubles was still there, untill i saw a dr in maybe 2003 and was prescribed elavil 25-50mg at bt. that really helped, i still take it.i have a new problem that started 6 months ago,no dr or psy can help me with, they say its normal?? i have excessive dreaming, everynight, not nitemares but crazy dreams that dont make any sense, some nights 3-4 different ones, i wake up and feel horrible! almost like ive been drugged, sluggish, mental bla's but as the day progresses i began to pep up, my wife checks on me and says my breathing is always fine,although we sleep in seperate beds. alot of mornings my bed is a complete mess. i understand dreaming is normal but what if its effecting sleep? i have started taking much longer falling asleep,i guess maybe fear of more dreaming? any advice

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