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I have insomnia but it's the type where I have a real hard time falling. Once asleep, I'm fine (I wake up in the middle of the night all once in a great while but it's not significant). I suffer from anxiety disorders, and my level of anxiety at sleeptime is about 13-14. (9-12 is moderate, 13-16 is severe, 17-20 is near-to-full blown panic). So I'm in the "severe" range, or high-anxiety state. I often feel restless, toss and turn, feel my mind race. W/out sleeping aids, I don't know exactly how long it takes for me to fall asleep but I'd say at least 1.5 hours. I timed myself once at 1 hour 48 minutes, and frequently I stay awake past 2 hours. About once a month, particularly during a stressful event, I don't fall asleep until dawn. With sleep aids, either anti-anxiety such as ativan or sleeping pills, it takes 50 minutes to an hour to fall asleep once they take effect. That's still too long...Ambien should put me asleep in 30 minutes, ativan should make me sleepy enough too...I understand the "normal" limit for falling asleep is 30 minutes. I'm interested in severity of my insomnia. I'd use 1.5 hours as an averege..that's considerably longer than averege..but as far as insomnia suffer's are concerned that may be just mild..but I don't know the standard. How bad do you think this is? Also, I'm 99% sure this is due to anxiety, but may there be other reasons for this delayed sleep?
I'm like you...once I fall asleep I'm fine. I take a long time to fall asleep, so when I hear that it takes you only 1.5 hours, you're lucky! It takes me anywhere from 2-4 hours. I agree that anxiety plays a big part. One time it literally took me about 6 hours to fall asleep and I ended up crying, so my day was completely sluggish and off-feeling. Not sure what else causes this, wish I knew.

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