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My teenage son has what's called hypernychthemeral syndrome. It's sort of like delayed sleep phase syndrome, which is more well-known. In his case, he has a biological clock of more than 24 hours, which means that each night or so, the time he is actually sleepy enough to go to sleep is an hour or so later than the the previous night, eventually going all the way around the clock. If he goes to bed at the same time each night, he'll stay awake for hours sometimes. If he goes to bed when sleepy, he goes right to sleep and sleeps 8 to 9 hours solid. Light therapy doesn't work. Exercise doesn't seem to help. He's been homeschooled for several years, partly because of this. It started right about puberty. (He's 17 now.) Went to a sleep center when it first started, but all they did was suggest the light box therapy, which didn't do any good.

I've read that it's rare and usually occurs in those who are blind and have no light reference for the body to know when it's day and when it's night. My research has shown that methyl B-12 (methylcobalamin) is very large doses has shown promise it a couple of small studies, but other than that, nothing.

Does anyone know anything about this?

Thank you!


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