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[QUOTE=deenie]I've taken Lunesta and both Ambien. Sometimes it works and not others. I've taken these meds and usually woken up several times. Nothing puts me to sleep for 7-8 hrs...nothing. So frustrating.

My Dr. said the studies show very little difference between Ambien and the CR version.[/QUOTE]

This is from someone that has gone for a week at a time with no sleep at all, and tried everything, if they make it, Ive tried it, but the Ambien CR works wonders for me, my problem is like many, I fall asleep, but cant stay asleep, only 2 hrs at most if I am lucky......but the difference with Ambien and the CR is that the Ambien just helps to put you to sleep..... but the Ambien CR is made in two dissolvable layers, one that dissolves fast to help put you to sleep and the other that dissolves slowly to keep you asleep..... regular Ambien doesnt have the component to keep you asleep.... atleast thats how my Pain Management Doc explained it to me....Lunesta didnt work for me at all, Rozerem helped me fall asleep, but I woke after a a short while, and regular Ambien didnt help me stay asleep.... But as for the Ambien CR, I swear by it...... believe me I know how frustrating it gets, and the more frustrated you are, the less you can sleep.... Best of luck to ya.


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