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Hi everyone. I really hope to get responses from some of you on this, because I'm not sure where to turn. My doctor seems to be out of ideas, so when I go to see him next week, I'd like to come in with ideas of my own.

Some background on me:

I've been on anti-depressants for almost three years (Lexapro, currently, and for the past year and a half). However, I had trouble sleeping even before I was on those meds and was taking Tylenol PM (or Simply Sleep) on basically a nightly basis. When I got on the anti-depressants, sleep got even more difficult, and when I told my doctor, I was prescribed my first sleep med, amtriptyline (elavil). When that didn't work, I was switched to Klonapin. And when THAT didn't work, I was switched to Ambien. My psychiatrist had me up to 20 mg of Ambien (the old kind, not the new extended release one), and I am not a large person, so even the pharmacist mentioned that it was a lot. Even with that, I could *usually* fall asleep, but would usually wake up after five hours or so. So, Lunesta came out, and I was switched to that (I'm on 3 mg, I think? whatever the highest dose is). In general, I liked Lunesta, but it didn't put me to sleep like Ambien did.... I just stayed asleep better with it. My doctor told me I could take Simply Sleep WITH the Lunesta, to help me FALL asleep. So I've been doing that and I am building up a tolerance to that as well.

As I mentioned above, I'm going to my doctor next week, and I really don't feel comfortable continuing with Lunesta AND Simply Sleep. Do you think it would be to my benefit, at least, to try something else for at least a while, so my body stops building up that Lunesta tolerance? Maybe the extended release Ambien (do you think that would be better than what I had before?) or the new Rozerem?

I would be incredibly grateful for any thoughts you might have. I'm trying to do as much research as possible. Thanks!

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