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Alright to answer your original question. YES! YES! YES!

Personally, I can sleep through the night with out waking up every hour choking/strangling since getting my CPAP. I feel human again now I have one. I am sick less often, and able to loss weight again (18 pounds in 11 weeks). The only downsides for me are that I wake up with "mask face" on occasion and I can not sleep on my belly. The mask face indentions go away fairly quickly, and I have learned to sleep comfortably on my side.. took no time at all.

Second opinion. My husband got his CPAP a month after me. He went from needing an excess of 14 hours of sleep in a day and still feeling fatigue and irritable to feeling great after a solid 6-8 hours on the CPAP.

Important point in using a CPAP, keep it clean. They will harber bacteria and increase your chances of having reoccuring respiratory infections otherwise.. so when you get in a shower take you mask, hose, and water tank with you and clean them with J&J baby wash.. rinse and set to dry.

Respectfully Yours,

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