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[QUOTE=bulletproof]I fall asleep quickly when I go to bed, but recently I wake up every hour or so. When I wake up, I am able to go to back to sleep quickly, but when I wake up in the morning I don't feel fully rested. I quit smoking last week and wondered if anyone has experienced this as a reaction to nicotine withdrawal, or if I should be thinking it's some other cause. Since I wasn't a heavy smoker, I'm hesitant to think this is what's going on, but nothing else in my day-to-day life has changed. Anyone have thoughts?[/QUOTE]

I was the same way.. it started when I got pregnant and continued ever after... until... i was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. I was having between 65 - 100 events per hour. Once an hour the event would be drastic enough I would wake up. Confused about why I woke up I initially would try and go to the bathroom, sipped water, after the baby was born.. checked on the baby, the cat, the house in general... nothing.

It turns out I never really went into REM sleep and just existed in a semi-sleep state day in and day out for three years. When I was sleeping I would stop breathing for such a duration that when my body reset, I would wake up. Until my new GP caught on and sent me to the sleep doctor, I didn't think anything of it... I used to sleep walk (I would vacuum or do the dishes in my sleep), my family snores in one form or another and we are allergy and sinus central; I always assumed it was my allergies or that I was just strange and just lived with it.

Now I am diagnosed with sleep apnea and glad of it. With a CPAP I go to sleep and stay a sleep until my 4 year old canon balls me in the morning or the alarm goes off. I wake up better rested after 4 hours on my CPAP than 8 with out. Not that I am for 4 hours.. I try to get between 6-8 hours a night. Check into sleep apnea, it can be present and linger.. then suddenly manifest in a way that you find can not escape your notice any longer. At the least I would get evaluated by a sleep MD.


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