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I have been having, for several years now, violent dreams they went from far and few to a normal; nighty occurance. They are usually about the death of animals and people. Well, I have not had a recent one about the death of an animal. The last one I remember, very detailed, was about being in a basement with friends, playing a game, and someone had to chop up a deer alive with a chain saw(this was atleast a year ago if not more). Every night I have several dreams that are about someone/something trying to kill me. The dreams about someone/something trying to kill me range from just running away from the people throughout the whole dream never harming me to extreme physical injuries. No one has ever succeed in really killing me though many people die in my dreams around me. When I was between the ages of 8 and 12 maby, I had one and only one dream where I died. I was part of an African tribe and I died at a young age of an unknown illness. The tribe put my body in what looked like a mud pit and I slowly sank into the earth. Sometimes I don't know that they are going to kill me but I have the feeling that they want to. People range from family, friends, strangers, the government, evil forces...Every once in away I will have a positive dream about someone being attacted to me or something on the order, but extreamly rarely. I have atleast 2 death dreams sometimes more every night. I can see having a dream about someone trying to kill you every once in a while, but I think I am having too many for far too long. I have tryed to research it though I have gotten no results. I would like to find out why my attempted death is all I'm dreaming about and how I can dream about something else or quit dreaming all together. If you need more information like detailed dreams or other things, whatever it may be, just ask and I will tell if it will help me get some much needed sleep.:yawn:

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