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[QUOTE=punkiishmob;2855972]I was considering that. I took it one time ( my dad has trazodone and xanax for sleep.. major sleep apnea and stress).. and the next morning I felt like complete ****.. hangover effect, etc.. ive tried melatonin, calcium, magnesium aspartate, valerian root, and im realizing that benadryl average dose 25mg doesnt have an effect on me at all anymore.. I want to try trazodone because I heard it does not have an actual dependency.

Should i seriously talk to my doctor about it?[/QUOTE]

I've heard some good things about trazodone. If you suffer chronic long term insomnia its probably a better solution than OTC and prescription sleeping pills. Get the dosage right though because I've heard you can have one hell of a time getting up in the morning.

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